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Alexandra Fisher -- Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Photo of Alexandra Fisher Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Multimedia Journalist Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Alexandra Fisher is an award-winning journalist who has earned recognition for her willingness to venture independently into dangerous locations covering stories under-reported in the Australian media. In 2012 she won Australia’s most prestigious award for young journalists after traveling to Mexico City and working solo to investigate a story on sex trafficking. She gained access to sensitive talent while filming undercover in a red-light district controlled by criminals. For the past four years Alexandra has worked for Australia’s national broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), reporting for TV, radio and online. She’s currently based in Australia’s northern capital, Darwin, where her exclusive investigation into the bashing and sexual assault of Vietnamese asylum seekers by other detainees, with allegations that the guards were complicit, has drawn national attention. Alexandra has twice independently filmed stories in Africa. As a 19-year-old student she travelled alone to Uganda, where she filmed a story on a child soldier forced to carry warlord Joseph Kony’s baby. In 2013 she travelled to war-ravaged eastern DR Congo to film an exclusive story on a marginalised group of pygmy people, displaced from their home by war. Both stories were broadcast by the ABC.


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