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Ana Terra Athayde -- Freelance

Photo of Ana Terra Athayde Freelance
Freelance Video Journalist

Ana Terra Athayde

Ana Terra Athayde is a freelance video journalist based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She contributes to outlets such as The Guardian, BBC, Bloomberg, and CNN, covering a variety of subjects. Her work has recently focused on the impact of the Zika virus outbreak, as well as the political and financial crisis, on families all over Brazil. Athayde has reported from Brazil, the United States, Uruguay, and Spain. Before moving to Rio in 2015, Athayde was a staff video journalist for The Guardian in New York. She traveled throughout the United States to produce, film and edit videos on themes such as discrimination, same-sex marriage, politics and human rights. Athayde was a news producer for GloboNews TV, in Rio, from 2009 to 2013. Her work in Brazil won three national awards for a series about judges who were threatened by criminals. Athayde holds a master’s degree from Columbia Journalism School and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.


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