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Rebekah Fraser -- Real World STEM

Photo of Rebekah Fraser Real World STEM
Creator Real World STEM

Rebekah Fraser is the creator of Real World STEM, a website designed to provide teens with a glimpse into real-world science, technology, engineering and math. She is a freelance writer who has published more than 100 articles covering topics such as landmine removal and genetic engineering for publications including Christian Science Monitor and Vegetarian Times. In addition, Fraser writes the monthly seed science column for Growing magazine, and in 2011 published the New England Farm Tours app for iPhone and Android with Sutro Media.

As a consultant, Fraser has worked with small and midsize businesses in need of communications assistance. She edited the business leadership book, “Hot Leaders, Cool Facilitators” in 2010. Also in 2010, Fraser created STEM matters, a themed educational webzine. She served as creative producer and managing editor of STEM matters for two years; in 2011, the webzine was nominated for a National Science Teachers Association award, and in 2012 it received an Online Learning award from the International Society for Technology in Education.

Prior to launching her freelance writing business, Fraser worked as a Hollywood script reader and assistant, taught English & Filmmaking to teens with learning disabilities, and was a homemaker. A graduate of Yale University, she lives in rural Massachusetts with her teenage daughter.


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