Jina Moore | BuzzFeed’s International Women’s Rights Correspondent

August 18, 2014 – When BuzzFeed, an online platform providing breaking news, original reporting, entertainment, and video to a global audience of more than 150 million, launched its World section in 2013, Foreign Editor Miriam Elder and her colleagues sought new ways to present international news. They wanted to move beyond regional beats, with a focus on “getting young readers interested in thinking and reading about the world,” Elder explained. As the BuzzFeed team drilled down into what topics American readers care about, they honed in on two topics to start with – LGBT and women’s rights.

In 2014, Jina Moore became BuzzFeed’s first (and potentially the world’s only) international women’s rights correspondent. The IWMF met her in Uganda to talk to her about the growing global interest in women’s rights stories (see video).

Why create an international women’s rights beat?
“Women’s stories are international stories.” Elder said. “Women’s stories are central to all news… It felt so natural and obvious.” With its new beat, BuzzFeed aims to transcend the traditional, male-dominated international news narratives and put women’s stories and issue front and center.

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Jina Moore
Jina Moore