Jacey Fortin | 2016/17

2016-2017 IWMF Elizabeth Neuffer Fellow

Freelance | Ethiopia

Jacey Fortin is the 2016/17 Elizabeth Neuffer Fellow.

Since launching her freelance career three years ago, Jacey Fortin has covered human rights, politics, economic development, and media freedom in the Horn of Africa. She has focused on conflict as well, reporting on the civil war in South Sudan, militancy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and violent unrest in Ethiopia, where she is based. Her articles and photographs have appeared in The New York Times, Foreign Policy, The Africa Report, Agence France-Presse, Al Jazeera, and others.

Much of Fortin’s work revolves around the theme of human rights, with a focus on how people’s basic demands can be silenced through political repression, economic hardship, or conflict.

“Working on social justice issues can be difficult in environments where people are nervous about speaking out, for fear of reprisal,” she said. “But it’s important to try and amplify their voices, their experiences, and their ideas.”

Fortin is from New Bedford, Massachusetts, and earned her undergraduate degree at Northeastern University in Boston. She first entered the field of journalism in New York, where she worked for the International Business Times covering world news with a focus on the Middle East and Africa. In 2013, she moved to Ethiopia to jumpstart a freelance career. She is interested in sharpening her investigative, finance, and data journalism skills to uncover the deeper trends that drive current events around the world.

“I’m lucky that my freelancing work has led me to cover such a wide variety of issues, but that has also made it difficult to focus on any one thing,” Fortin said. “I know my reporting will be stronger if I can take the time to study subjects like trade, finance, and international law – subjects that are complicated but important, because they drive and inform the current events that I cover. The Elizabeth Neuffer Fellowship will give me the opportunity I need to build that foundation of knowledge, and to learn from the best at The Boston Globe and The New York Times.”

Fortin will begin her Fellowship in August 2016.

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Jacey Fortin
Jacey Fortin