• Janine di Giovanni | 2016 Courage in Journalism Award

    Newsweek, United States/United Kingdom/France Janine di Giovanni has witnessed more than 15 conflicts and humanitarian disasters and shared them with the world. Her first war reporting was out of the Gaza Strip and in the West Bank during the first Palestinian Intifada, where she documented the impact of war on civilians. Since then, di Giovanni …

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  • Mabel Cáceres

    Mabel Cáceres | 2016 Courage in Journalism Award

    El Buho, Peru Mabel Cáceres’ loyalty lies with the truth. Cáceres’ is best known for her work at El Buho (The Owl), a paper she founded in response to intense press suppression in 1990s Peru. “I was directing a local TV channel owned by a university in 1999. The university, its authorities and the channel …

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  • Stella Paul | 2016 Courage in Journalism Award

    Freelance Journalist, India Stella Paul shares stories of those who have been silenced. Consistently enduring death threats, threats against the welfare and safety of her family, detention, and physical harassment in pursuit of stories, Paul is perhaps best known for her work to amplify the voices of rape and sexual violence survivors, sex workers, and …

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  • Diane Rehm | 2016 Courage in Journalism Award

    “The Diane Rehm Show”, United States Diane Rehm has chosen to culminate her momentous radio career shortly after the contentious 2016 United States general election finally draws to a close. Rehm will leave behind a legacy as one of the United States’ foremost news interviewers and as a fierce advocate for women in the media. …

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  • Nominate a Journalist

    The Courage in Journalism Awards honor women journalists who set themselves apart by their extraordinary bravery. Facing and surviving danger to uncover the truth, they raise the bar for reporting under duress. We also recognize the pioneers who kicked down barriers to make it possible for women all over the world to find their voices …

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  • Kumwenda-thn

    Mwape Kumwenda | 2015 Courage in Journalism Award

    Muvi Television, Zambia In Zambia, those who have suffered grave accounts of injustice — including government-sanctioned murders of loved ones, illegal land seizures and other forms of disenfranchisement — are smart to contact journalist Mwape Kumwenda. Once Kumwenda gets involved in an investigation, she won’t stop until the guilty parties are held accountable for their …

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  • Nemtsova-thn

    Anna Nemtsova | 2015 Courage in Journalism Awards

    The Daily Beast and Newsweek, Russia. No stranger to staying focused while under pressure, Nemtsova got a 20-minute crash course in reporting from a Moscow-based American reporter. From there, she began working as a researcher, fixer and translator for Washington Post correspondents, traveling across Russia, Ukraine the rest of the Post-Soviet nations. Today, she is …

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  • Ramirez-thn

    Lourdes Ramírez | 2015 Courage in Journalism Awards

    Freelance, Honduras. Honduran journalist Lourdes Ramírez is not afraid to put her life on the line for the sake of the country and the profession that she loves and on more than one occasion she has paid a heavy price for her relentless pursuit of truth. In July 2014, Ramírez sent her team of KTV …

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  • Deutsch-thn

    Linda Deutsch | 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award

    Retired – Former Associated Press Special Correspondent Trial Reporter. When AP trial reporter Linda Deutsch retired in December 2014, First Amendment lawyers and judges called her an iconic figure and champion of press freedom. One award said her “clear, concise reports have connected millions of readers around the world to the inner workings of America’s …

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  • Damon-thn

    Arwa Damon | 2014 Courage in Journalism Award

    CNN, Syria/USA. She has traveled across the Arab world for more than a decade, reporting extensively on the ongoing conflicts in some of the most war-ravaged zones, and in 2012 covered the civil war in Syria. Regardless of the constant shelling and sniper fire during her last trip to Homs, Arwa Damon’s persistence, strength, and …

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