• CongoIDPcamp-thn

    Impressions: Day 11

    Day 11 was the last day of the first IWMF-led reporting trip to Eastern DR Congo. The group finished up their reporting activities and most of them headed back to Kigali, Rwanda, to fly out while Elaisha Stokes and Nastasya Tay stayed in Goma to finish up their reporting.

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  • CongoBoat-thn

    Impressions: Day 9 / 10

    After spending the majority of day 9 in Virunga National Park, the fellows headed back to Goma to spend day 10 in smaller teams, exploring UN DDRRR’s efforts to disarm, demobilize, repatriate, reintegrate and resettle foreign armed groups, visiting the island of Idjwi in Lake Kivu and meeting with local women journalists.

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  • CongoGorilla-thn

    Impressions: Day 8

    The IWMF fellows left Goma to visit Virunga National Park, established in 1925 as Africa’s first national park. The park is known for its exceptional bio-diversity, containing more bird, mammal and reptile species than any protected area on the African continent, most notably: mountain gorillas.

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  • Congo02-thn

    Impressions: Day 6 / 7

    Day 6 kicked off with a breakfast interview with the mayor of Goma. The fellows used both days to split up into independent reporting teams focusing on women who own and operate beauty salons in the poorest neighborhoods of Goma, teenage mothers and the vocational programs that provide training for them, Goma’s vibrant cheese industry, …

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  • MONUSCO-thn

    Impressions: Day 5

    The fellows and IWMF staff arrived safely in the city of Goma, located in DR Congo’s North Kivu province, the final destination of the IWMF Eastern DR Congo Reporting Fellowship. This first in a series of reporting trips focuses on economic development issues in North Kivu province, notoriously known as a place of death, rape …

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  • CongoSecTrain-thn

    Impressions: Day 1 – 4

    The first trip began in Uganda with a four-day briefing session by international experts on the region, along with a specialized journalism security training workshop which included hostile environment scenarios such as ambush/mass casualty situations, encounters with a gang of thugs, and being captured by an armed militia and threatened with rape.

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  • Tay-thn

    Nastasya Tay

    Nastasya Tay is an independent broadcast journalist, writer and multimedia producer based between Southern and East Africa, covering breaking news, but with a passion for telling in-depth stories. She has reported from more than fifteen countries, specializing in issues affecting Africa, the environment, health and development. Her work has appeared in publications including The Guardian, …

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  • Stokes-thn

    Elaisha Stokes

    Elaisha Stokes is a freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker based in Brooklyn. Her work has been supported by the Nation Institute for Investigative Reporting, the Ontario Arts Council and the Patsy Pulitzer Fellowship for Documentary Filmmaking. Her films have aired nationally and her freelance journalism appears regularly in the New York Times and Monocle Magazine. …

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  • Simpson-thn

    April Simpson

    April Simpson is a South Florida-based freelance journalist. Her work has appeared in The Boston Globe, The Seattle Times, and Tampa Bay Times. A 2010-11 U.S. Fulbright Scholar, April freelanced for U.S. media outlets and taught Media Studies at the University of Botswana, where she also researched the development of online news media. In addition …

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  • Lowe-thn

    Karen Lowe

    Karen Lowe is the creator of Bending Borders, a multimedia production company that explores how common human experiences – like the first kiss, sibling rivalry and dying – play out across cultures and countries in surprisingly different ways. She also teaches creative audio at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism. …

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