African Great Lakes Reporting Fellows


The African Great Lakes Reporting Initiative was created in 2014, building on the success of earlier IWMF reporting trips to the Western Sahara and Eastern DR Congo (DRC). The IWMF designed this program to support journalists interested in pursuing stories that go beyond the well-established path of political instability, armed conflicts, and humanitarian crisis in the region. Between 2015 and 2018, the IWMF will lead groups of women journalists to the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda, and provide training and support for in-country journalists. These efforts include essential security training to help journalists stay safe in the field.

Central African Republic (CAR)

July 2016 (rescheduled from November 2015)

Harrington F Daldorph_headshot1 Lazareva_headshot2 Vittozzi_headshot2 Bagnetoo_headshot PC; Tatiana Mora Liautaud


Cross-border: Rwanda and DRC

January 2016

ROBY_Headshot1 Pilgrim_Headshot2 Mbugua_Headshot Kuo_Headshot3 Higgins_Headshot1 Hayeri_Headshot1
Cengal_Headshot1 Beras_Headshot Zalcman_Headshot3 Parietti_Headshot


Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

June 2015: Eastern DRC

Maclean-THN Scott-THN Zirulnick-THN OGrady-THN Keyssar-THN Lamb-THN

November 2015

Steers-thn Moloo-thn Kravets-thn Fortin-thn Hoije_Headshot

July 2016

Miriam Berger Headshot 2 copy Didem Headshot copy Kait Bolongaro Headshot 2 copy Lou Marillier Headshot 2 copy Sella Oneko Headshot 2 copy Francesca Volpi Headshot copy

May 2017

 Portrait Mucha



February 2015

Headshot Headshot Headshot Headshot Headshot

February 2017

Athayde_photo1 copyHopkins_photoInzuza_Photo3 copy 2Jason_photo copyPaquette_photoWhitney Shefte, videographer for The Washington PostSpecia_photoSurana_photo


South Sudan

May 2016

Siobhan O'Grady Headshot 1 Sara Hylton Headshot 1 Robyn Dixon Headshot 1 nina Alice Su Headshot 1 Alexia Webster Headshot

August 2017

Tanya Birkbeck Headshot 2 Brown_headshot2 copyPatricia Huon Maeve Frances Headshot Sara Hylton Headshot 1 copy Lily Kuo Headshot 2


June 2015

FIsher-THN Zhang-THN Fontaine-THN Karlberg-THN McNeish-THN Yikoniko-THN

May 2016

Benedicta_Asiimwe1 Marcelle_Hopkins1 Malavika_Vyawahare Dana_Ullman Venus_Wu Courtney_Brooks

February 2017

Elizabeth ConleyMahr_photo copyMigiro_photoReschkedeBorba_photo copySotunde_photoWilliams_photo

August 2017

Jacqueline Alemany HeadshotAnn Babe HeadshotLaylah Barrayn Headshot 1 copyLisa De Bode Headshot 2Rebecca Grant Headshot 2 copyNicola Kelly Headshot 1 


February 2015

Adams-THN Fisher-THN Jeong-THN Moore-THN Ntengento-THN Choksi-THN

January 2016

Trinna Leong Headshot Kim Wall Headshot Sruthi-Gottipati-bw SoniaMedha Brown_headshot2 copy Cri Profil
Headshot Mansi Choksi headshot3

September 2016 – Humanitarian Issues

Paula Tendai Lorena 2 aurelie Karen copy

September 2016 – Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture

Durrie 2 copy Helene copy Giuliana 1 Jennifer Sally