Nadia Bilbassy-Charters

Al-Arabiya News Channel

Nadia Bilbassy-Charters is Al Arabiya Bureau Chief in Washington DC and a well known reporter in the Arab world. She has been working as a foreign correspondent for over 20 years. She was the first Arab journalist to be based in Africa for a major Arab TV station. Her reporting from trouble spots in Southern Sudan, Rwanda, Somalia, Congo and Eritrea has distinguished her work as original, fair and informative. She was embedded with the 101 Marine Division during the war in Iraq.

Since 2003, she has been based in Washington, DC for Al Arabiya TV and MBC TV (Middle Eastern Boradcast Center). She reports on U.S. foreign policy vis-à-vis the Arab world. She has covered two presidential elections, and reported from Guantanamo on the cases of Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and other 9/11 suspect. She has interviewed many influential politicans including President George W. Bush, Prime Minister Tony Blair, President Mahmoud Abbas, General Colin Powell, and U.S. Secretary Rice among many others.

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Nadia Bilbassy-Charters