2013 Courage in Journalism Awards – Press Coverage

The 2013 Courage in Journalism Award celebrations in New York on October 23 and in Los Angeles on October 29 were covered by many US and international media outlets, including CNN, Huffington Post, Glamour, and Los Angeles Times. In addition to publishing in-depth pieces about this year’s awardees, many media outlets’ websites also embedded the live stream from the Los Angeles ceremony, offering a worldwide audience a glimpse of the inspiring, moving and humbling event that the IWMF has been celebrating for 23 years now.

A day before the New York event, Courage awardees Najiba Ayubi and Bopha Phorn, Lifetime Achievement awardee Edna Machirori and IWMF’s executive director Elisa Lees Munoz were invited to a panel held by the Huffington Post Live and had an interactive discussion with online audience. The live discussion generated thoughtful comments about journalism as a profession and also attracted many fans who admire their courageous work (see first video on the right).

And two days later, Ayubi, Machirori and Phorn sat down with Arthur Kade in his New York studio to talk about facing discrimination in their respective countries to help raise the female voice.

The East Coast ceremony in New York on October 23 marked the beginning of an unprecedented media interest in the IWMF Awards that carried over to the West Coast ceremony a week later.

The Associated Press‘ report ‘Syrian, Cambodian, Afghan women win media awards’ was published by numerous media outlets including The Washington Post and ABC News. Glamour Magazine‘s website published an article about our amazing awardees the day after the event. AlArabiya TV aired a clip after the event and posted an article on its website.

The Los Angeles celebration of the Courage Awards on October 29 was live-streamed by prominent media outlets including CNN.com, LATimes.com, Huffingtonpost.com, Dailybeast.com, The Wrap and Glamour.com (see third video on the right).

Earlier that day, the 2013 Awardees sat down with BlogHer correspondent Kelly Cox for an exclusive video interview (see fourth video on the right).

LA Times followed the ceremony up with an article on their opinion pages, sharing the author’s personal thoughts after attending the LA Courage in Journalism Awards celebration.

The morning after the LA event, awardees shared inspiring stories about their careers with IWMF’s Board Member Sharon Waxman at The Wrap’s Power Women Breakfast (see second video on the right).

Previously, Cambodian winner Bopha Phorn was interviewed by Voice of America (Khmer) the week before the New York event, and she talked about her near-death experience investigating claims of illegal logging in the Cambodian jungle. Deutsche Welle interviewed Afghan journalist Najiba Ayubi about the current situation as well as future prospects for independent media in Afghanistan.

The New York and Los Angeles ceremonies were prominently covered on Twitter, where a lot of well-known media personalities and organizations tweeted extensively about the event and the awardees.

List of media coverage:

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Voice of America (Khmer) interviews Bopha Phorn | October 18, 2013

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Huffington Post | October 22, 2013

Syrian, Cambodian, Afghan women win media awards

Associated Press | October 23, 2013

Washington Post

ABC News

– Other outlets that published AP’s report: The Gazette, Salon.com, Las Vegas Sun, The Wichita Eagle, Post Bullinton.com (Minnesota), Boston.com, Daily Herald (Utah), UT San Diego and The Star Phoenix.

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