First Snow

By Prodita Sabarini | December 9, 2013.

White crystals covered the streets, the roof of houses and cars, the bald tree branches. It was a little over six in the morning. The light hadn’t come out yet. It was white and grey and very quiet.
My first snow.

I have been eagerly waiting since the first nippy temperature for the city to be covered by a white layer of snow. I saw pictures of snow crystals two weeks ago on the internet and was blown away by their beauty. Their gorgeous shapes and color are of an underrated kind. The flakes are so tiny – it seems like they are so shy they try to hide their beauty by being small. But, there are a lot of them. Two nights ago, they fell from the sky for hours and their underrated beauty dominated the scene.
Crisp white cold snow.

The best things in life are things that you don’t get to enjoy quite easily. Looking at the snow in the street from the window of a warm bedroom is much nicer than going out and touching it. By morning, rain replaced snow falling from the sky. It was wet and cold and the pedestrian pathways became slushy. The layer of snow on the ground and my unreliable faux leather boots make a bad combination for walking. I was slowed down by the snow or when there is none on the street, I still have to walk slowly, lest I slip. Thrice I almost did just that.

Last year in Jakarta, on Christmas day I was on the 26th floor of one of the city’s sky scraper during a rainstorm. I kid you not, the rain was so strong and the temperature was low in the higher altitude that I saw tiny bits of snow from the window. Perhaps I was dreaming too, but it really looked like it. Down below, they melted into water and the streets were flooded.

This year, I am in snow-city and I would not need to doubt myself when I see those pretty flakes falling from the sky.