The International Women’s Media Foundation Adds Two Board Members, Linda Douglass and Suzanne Malveaux

March 22, 2016
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Linda Douglass, Global Head of Communications for the Bloomberg Media Group

Washington, D.C. — Linda Douglass, Global Head of Communications for the Bloomberg Media Group, and Suzanne Malveaux, National Correspondent for CNN, have joined the Board of Directors of the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF). Based in Washington, D.C., the IWMF is dedicated to empowering women journalists around the world.

“We are honored to welcome Linda and Suzanne to the IWMF Board,” said IWMF Board Chairs Linda
Mason and Alexandra Trower. “They join a dedicated group of media and business leaders committed to advancing the IWMF’s mission of empowering women journalists around the world.”

Douglass is a veteran in the fields of communication, media, and journalism. Before joining Bloomberg, she served as Senior Vice President for Global Communications at Atlantic Media and also worked for the Obama Administration in various roles, including Director of Communications for the White House Office of Health Reform. She has enjoyed a long and accomplished career in broadcast journalism, working for both CBS and ABC, where she spent eight years as the Chief Capitol Hill Correspondent.


Suzanne Malveaux, National Correspondent for CNN

Malveaux covers politics, national news, international events, and culture as National Correspondent at CNN. She co-anchored the network’s Around the World show, its Emmy-winning coverage of the revolution in Egypt, and its Peabody Award-winning coverage of the Arab Spring. In September 2011, Malveaux embedded with U.S. troops in Afghanistan for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 where she led breaking news coverage of the Taliban’s terrorist attack on the U.S. Embassy there. She has shared a young Rwandan woman’s story of reconciliation between Hutus and Tutsis in her home village, and Nelson Mandela’s tour of his cell in Robben Island for President Bill Clinton in South Africa. Malveaux covered the White House for more than 10 years, and has covered numerous Presidential Elections. She has interviewed all five living Presidents and several First Ladies.

For more information about the IWMF, visit, contact Ashley Messina (, and follow us on social media (@IWMF on Twitter, @IWMFpage on Facebook, @TheIWMF on Instagram).

About the IWMF: The IWMF is dedicated to strengthening the role of women journalists worldwide. The media is not truly free and representative without the equal voice of women. Since 1990, we have celebrated the courage of women journalists who overcome threats and oppression to report and bear witness to global issues. Through our programs and grants we empower women journalists with the training, opportunities, and support to become leaders in the news industry.

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