World Radio Day 2017

The IWMF is proud to join World Radio Day to celebrate radio as a dynamic and engaging medium. In 2016, more people listened to radio than watched TV or smartphone. Take a look at some IWMF fellows who work in radio and listen to them speak about why they love this powerful medium.

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IWMF Fellows

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Listen to Laura talk about the powerful impact of radio.

Take a look at some of Laura Bagnetto’s stories:

Visit Laura Bagnetto’s SoundCloud for more.

Listen to Irene talk about the importance of radio.

Take a look at some of Irene Caselli’s stories:

Visit Irene Caselli’s SoundCloud for more.

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Listen to Brenna on why she loves the radio.

Take a look at some of Brenna Daldorph’s stories:

Listen to Sonia talk about how radio transforms people.

Take a look at some of Sonia Paul’s stories:

Other radio work by IWMF fellows: