Anja Niedringhaus Courage in Photojournalism Award Winners

The Anja Niedringhaus Courage in Photojournalism Award was created to honor the life and work of Pulitzer Prize-winning AP photographer and IWMF Courage in Journalism Award winner Anja Niedringhaus (1965-2014). With this Award, the IWMF celebrates the courageous work of women photojournalists like Anja. The Award recognizes the importance of visual journalistic work that inspires us to take action and compels us to better understand the world.


  • Stephanie Sinclair, Winner
    “Sinclair’s photos are deeply intimate and touch your soul. Courage is not only defined by facing risk on the front lines of war but also displaying emotional and intellectual courage required to continue to bear witness to scenes of despair with eloquence and compassion.” –Award Jury
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  • Louisa Gouliamaki, Honorable Mention
    “Louisa Gouliamaki displayed masterful visual storytelling on both the European refugee crisis and the revolution in Ukraine. Her work comprises immediacy and intensity during violent confrontations and also moments of humanity and warmth” –Award Jury

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  • Nicole Tung, Honorable Mention
    “Nicole Tung’s photographic work shows the devastating effects on civilians and emotional trauma of conflict. Every image is strong and creates a visual harmony while evoking empathy for the visceral grief endured by innocents.” –Award Jury

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  • Adriane Ohanesian, Winner
    “At times the journalist’s reflection of war is most telling. Courage is not only standing amid gunfire in battle, but possessing the emotional courage it takes to immerse your own heart in bearing witness to the anguish of those most vulnerable in any conflict, and portraying them with honestly and dignity.
    We loved reflecting upon her work. Adriane approaches storytelling with remarkable skill and an ability to capture the emotional resonance of difficult moments.”–Award Jury
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  • Lynsey Addario, Honorable Mention
    “For the past fifteen years, Lynsey has been on the front lines of almost every major conflict of her generation. She has been kidnapped twice while on assignment for The New York Times and has been beaten, groped, and threatened with execution. She has covered most major conflicts of her generation with empathy and deep compassion for the most defenseless, who exist in the grip of war.”–Award Jury

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  • Paula Bronstein, Honorable Mention
    “Paula has worked across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, documenting crises and seismic shifts in international events. Her long and successful career are indicative of her work ethic and commitment. As a seasoned photojournalist with unending drive and dedication to tell the stories of those in the grasp of tragedy and war, her work is recognized for its commanding impact.” –Award Jury

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  • Heidi Levine, Winner
    “Unlike many journalists who can cover a story and get on a plane to the safety of their own homeland, she is an integral part of the community and has shown profound concern for people, even moving her Palestinian assistant days before their home was reduced to rubble and putting down the camera to hug an anguished mother. Her passion for bearing witness over three decades is evident, even as her heart endures the loss of friends and colleagues to the conflicts.” –Award Jury
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  • Rebecca Blackwell, Honorable Mention
    “Rebecca Blackwell’s coverage of the Central African Republic demonstrates a valiant and intrepid courage working under treacherous conditions. She puts herself in harm’s way, covering the chaos intimately as danger unfolds all around her. There is an intensity in the photographs and an obvious deep commitment to portray the suffering and violence with complete honesty.” –Award Jury

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  • Anastasia Vlasova, Honorable Mention
    “Anastasia Vlasova has shown bravery and commitment to show the world community the dire reality of this story which she lives herself on a day-to-day basis being based in the region. Her photos have a quality of light and texture that illicit a connection with the people and the extent of suffering they endure. Under treacherous personal risk she endeavors to uncover the truth of war crimes from both sides breaking through the veil of government propaganda.” –Award Jury

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