When a free press is threatened so is democracy

Threats, attacks, government oppression, accusations of fake news and a growing mistrust of the media all threaten press freedom around the world. Journalists today face unprecedented hardships for simply pursuing the truth. Freedom of press and speech are the cornerstone to any democracy, and when that is threatened, so is freedom.

Beyond political lines, freedom of press transcends party and should be protected by all. When we have the truth, we have agency to make informed decisions. We stand with all outlets today calling for upholding the first amendment to its fullest extent.

The recent rhetoric has translated into real world implications. Already, 2018 has been the deadliest year for journalists. Even more so for female journalists; in 2017, we saw the number of attacks against women tripled from the year before, with no decrease in sight.

Through our work, we’ve become all too familiar with stories of harassment, abuse, and threats restricting the voices of journalists, particularly female journalists. We are witnessing a growing rhetoric of distrust, creating a dangerous environment for journalists, but we can turn the tide.

We call on all consumers to support outlets, journalists, and the organizations fighting to preserve this right. Freedom of press has the ability to hold those in power accountable. Together, we can defend journalism, truth, and strive for transparency in our institutions.