The IWMF applauds the release of Nicaraguan journalist Lucía Pineda from prison

The International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) applauds the release of Nicaraguan journalist Lucía Pineda from prison.

Pineda and her colleague Miguel Mora, both directors at 100% Noticias (an independent cable and digital news channel in Mangua), were arrested in a police raid in December 2018 and detained on claims of ‘inciting violence.’ In April the IWMF called for charges against Pineda to be dropped, and this month the One Free Press Coalition highlighted the case against both journalists.

Pineda and Mora’s simultaneous release is significant and proves that collective action can hold power to account. However, press freedom remains bleak in Nicaragua as censorship and hostility towards journalists continues. Since President Ortega’s third re-election, the country has normalized suspicion, intimidation and attacks on the press. Reporters are routinely detained, and many have fled the country in fear of government retaliation.

We celebrate the release of Lucía Pineda and wish her well as she receives medical attention and begins her recovery. We also call on the news media industry to continue to advocate for journalists who remain unlawfully imprisoned around the world.