The IWMF Mourns the Passing of Bailey Morris-Eck

The International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) mourns the passing of its co-founder, board member and advisory council member, Bailey Morris-Eck.

In 1989, Morris-Eck joined the IWMF’s founding members to establish the organization. The mission of the IWMF was, and remains, to help women achieve access, equity and opportunity in news media. During the past 30 years she continued to provide the IWMF with council, kindness and programmatic support for women journalists everywhere.

Morris-Eck knew early on that the challenges for women in news media are deep and demanding; in the beginning of her career, she assumed the name ‘Bailey’ to push her way into bylines.

Reporting for more than 40 years, Morris-Eck moved from UPI to the Washington Star to the Times of London, among several other outlets. Through the years, she maintained her passion for reporting on foreign economics and continued with roles at the Institute for International Economics, the Brookings Institute and served in two White House administrations.

Morris-Eck’s family remarks that, “she lived life like she was on deadline.”

Our industry will miss ‘Bailey’ deeply, as well as the indelible mark she made in the world of journalism. We vow to keep her legacy alive by advocating for the progress of women in news media around the world.