IWMF Appalled by Vicious Attacks Against NBC’s Brandy Zadrozny

[October 30, 2020] – The International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) lends it full support to NBC News journalist Brandy Zadrozny as she continues to face extreme threats stemming from a targeted attack by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

During October 21’s broadcast of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson and his guest, former White House speechwriter Darren Beattie, launched a smear campaign against Zadrozny’s investigations of disinformation and far right extremism. This campaign propagated a flood of online threats, doxxing and violence against Zadrozny; in particular, from extremist communities whose primary goal is to spread distrust and hostility toward the news media.

When journalists are targeted with these types of smear campaigns, individuals with influential, large platforms are weaponizing their followers to inflict harm against journalists.

The IWMF echo’s NBC News’ statement of support: Zadrozny is a veteran investigative journalist keeping the public informed on one of the biggest stories of our time. These attacks not only attempt to silence her, but to undermine the essential role of journalism in a functioning democracy.

We cannot sit idly by as journalists’ voices and lives are threatened simply for exercising their First Amendment rights. Anyone encouraging online harassment should be held to account for unleashing threats and possible violence. The IWMF calls on Carlson and Fox News to cease their attacks against Zadrozny and urges the media industry at-large to call for the protection of journalists on and offline as they keep reporting the news.