IWMF Condemns Murder of Afghan Women Journalists

The IWMF condemns the killing of Afghan media workers Mursal Hakimi, 25, Sadia, 20, Shanaz, 20 – all of whom were shot to death – and the wounding of a fourth woman, during deliberate, targeted attacks on their way home from work at Enikass Radio and TV in Jalalabad. This deadly violence is the latest in a distressing trend: at least 30 media workers have been murdered in Afghanistan since 2018, including Malalai Maiwand, a 26-year-old television and radio presenter with Enikass.

In countries where the participation of women in public discourse is dangerous, women working in the news media face heightened threats. The deliberate targeting and silencing of women journalists puts all women at risk of being threatened, harmed and killed with impunity. If we want the full story from Afghanistan – or any country – women journalists’ participation in the news media must be protected.

The IWMF supports the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee’s demand that, “practical and effective steps must be taken to ensure the safety and security of journalists.” These killings and suppression of women journalists and the press in Afghanistan cannot be tolerated.