IWMF Calls for Urgent Support of Women Journalists in Afghanistan

Right now, women journalists in Afghanistan are among the most at-risk populations in the country for reasons of revenge, retribution, and long-standing prejudice against their voices in any public arena. With the Taliban targeting the press and the equality of women, the lives of these media workers are also among the most imperiled in the world.

By erasing the autonomy and identity of women and girls in the country, the Taliban is attempting to silence half of the country’s population – permanently and without mercy.

The International Women’s Media Foundation supports all measures to ensure the safety of women journalists and media workers attempting to evacuate Afghanistan. The IWMF also calls on all governments worldwide to open their borders and include media workers in any humanitarian visa offerings available.

If we do not support these women and journalists in every way possible in this moment, we are at risk of having journalism diminish and disappear from Afghanistan.

Please consider donating to the IWMF’s emergency fund and writing-in “Afghanistan” to contribute directly to women journalists in-need in the country and attempting to flee.