IWMF Expresses Support for Press Freedom in Ukraine

In light of the Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine, the IWMF extends solidarity to journalists continuing to work in Ukraine amid this distressing situation.

Our longstanding concerns over press freedom and disinformation in Ukraine are amplified by this invasion. During times of conflict, independent journalism is vital to bringing accurate, trustworthy news to the global public; it is more important than ever that Ukraine’s government uphold reporters’ right to share those truths.

Journalists in Ukraine should know they are not alone. The international press freedom community has resources available to support their safety, including:

  • The IWMF’s Emergency Fund, which provides support to women journalists in need of relocation; medical and psychological care; and legal aid
  • The Rory Peck Trust Crisis Fund, which supports freelance journalists with temporary relocation and accommodation, as well as physical safety kits
  • The Journalists in Distress Network, a collective of organizations offering a variety of support to journalists around the world

We will be watching closely as this conflict unfolds and stand at the ready to support journalists and press freedom in Ukraine in the weeks and months ahead.