Skift Founder and CEO Rafat Ali Joins IWMF Board of Directors

The International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) is pleased to share that Rafat Ali, Founder and CEO of travel business media company Skift, recently joined the IWMF’s board of directors. Ali is a serial entrepreneur in digital media and a leader in travel media and business information; he will bring this multi-faceted expertise to the IWMF’s board.

Having spent his career in reporting and news media development, Ali is dedicated to freedom of the press and protecting journalists’ right to report. In addition, Ali’s knowledge of the travel industry is an invaluable resource to the IWMF’s emergency response and relocation work; specifically, his deep ties to Asia and the Middle East.

“I have admired the IWMF’s work for more than a decade now, and am thrilled to join its board of directors to guide and amplify the voices of women journalists and media entrepreneurs worldwide,” Ali said. “This organization’s mission is especially urgent today and I look forward to contributing in any way I can.”