Board of Directors

The IWMF’s Board of Directors is a governing board made up of a diverse group of veteran journalists, well-known media personalities and leaders in business who value our worldwide mission to strengthen the role of women in journalism. They play a pivotal role in identifying the organization’s goals and provide the guidance to achieve them.


The IWMF Advisory Council is made up of our renowned former Board members, including the IWMF’s founders, who continue to enhance our work with guidance and support.

Christiane Amanpour Bonnie Angelo Nadia Bilbassy-Charters Theodore J. Boutrous, Jr. Merrill Brown Maureen Bunyan Kathy Bushkin Calvin Eleanor Clift Barbara Cochran Raghida Dergham Linda Deutsch Ysabel Duron Katty Kay Susan King Carolyn Lee Cynthia McFadden Marcy McGinnis Marjorie Miller Jennifer Moyer Emily Nwankwo Lynn Povich Suzanne Allen Redpath Eugene Robinson Maria Elena Salinas Linda Peek Schacht Margaret Scott Schiff Carole Simpson George Stephanopoulos Carolan K. Stiles Cynthia Tucker Peggy White Warren Sharon Waxman Judy Woodruff Narda Zacchino