Courage in Journalism Awards

Sexual harassment, threats, attacks, government oppression, a stubborn glass ceiling, unequal pay, accusations of fake news and a growing mistrust of the media all threaten press freedom around the world. And female journalists often feel the greatest brunt of these attacks. In fact, the number of female journalists killed in 2017 more than tripled from the year before.

The Courage in Journalism Awards show people that female journalists are not going to step aside, cannot be silenced, and deserve to be recognized for their strength in the face of adversity. It honors the brave journalists who report on taboo topics, work in environments hostile to women, and share difficult truths.

The IWMF also recognize the pioneers who kicked down barriers to make it possible for women all over the world to find their voices and make them heard. Lifetime Achievement Award winners persevered, opening doors for future generations to make a difference. These women demonstrate a commitment to press freedom and extraordinary strength of character, overcoming unjust conditions to become leaders in their industry.

So far, we have honored more than 100 groundbreaking journalists in 56 countries.

Meet the #BadassFemaleJournos of the 2019 Awards

Honoring Trailblazing Female Journos All Over the World

In 2018, we celebrated another remarkable group of women journalists — Zehra, Meridith, Rosario, and Nima, who demonstrate what it really means to fight for the truth against all odds. These #badassfemalejournos risk their lives every day to report some of the world’s most important stories and truly represent the IWMF’s ideal of courage.


View Our Past Courage Winners

Look through the years of the #badassfemalejournos we've honored.


Lifetime Achievement Award
Lesley Stahl


Lifetime Achievement Award
Andrea Mitchell


Lifetime Achievement Award
Diane Rehm


Lifetime Achievement Award
Linda Deutsch


Courage in Journalism Awards
Bopha Phorn Najiba Ayubi Nour Kelze
Lifetime Achievement Award
Edna Machirori


Lifetime Achievement Award
Zubeida Mustafa


Lifetime Achievement Award
Kate Adie


Lifetime Achievement Award
Alma Guillermoprieto


Lifetime Achievement Award
Amira Haas


Lifetime Achievement Award
Edith Lederer


Courage in Journalism Awards
Jill Carroll May Chidiac
Lifetime Achievement Award
Elena Poniatowska


Lifetime Achievement Award
Molly Ivins


Lifetime Achievement Award
Belva Davis


Lifetime Achievement Award
Magdalena Ruiz


Lifetime Achievement Award
Mary McGrory


Lifetime Achievement Award
Colleen “Koky” Dishon


Lifetime Achievement Award
Flora Lewis


Lifetime Achievement Award
Peggy Peterman


Lifetime Achievement Award
Bonnie Angelo


Lifetime Achievement Award
Nancy Woodhull


Courage in Journalism Awards
Ayse Onal Lucy Sichone Saida Ramadan
Lifetime Achievement Award
Meg Greenfield


Courage in Journalism Awards
Chris Anyanwu Gao Yu Horria Saihi
Lifetime Achievement Award
Helen Thomas


Lifetime Achievement Award
Katharine Graham


Courage in Journalism Awards
Luyubov Kovalevskaya Marites Vitug

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The Courage in Journalism Awards honor women journalists who set themselves apart by their extraordinary bravery. Facing and surviving danger to uncover the truth, they raise the bar for reporting under duress. Candidates for the Courage in Journalism Awards can be full-time or freelance women reporters, writers, editors, photographers or producers working in any country.