Gwen Ifill Award

The Gwen Ifill Award was established to honor the memory of the legendary co-anchor of the PBS NewsHour, who passed away in November 2016. Gwen Ifill was among the most respected journalists of our time, a trailblazer and an incredible role model and mentor for young journalists. The Award is given annually to an outstanding female journalist of color whose work carries forward Ifill’s legacy.

The Award is open to both journalism students and women journalists of color working in the news media. Candidates for the award will be evaluated on criteria including their record of outstanding achievement in journalism, and the extent to which they represent the values Ifill embodied, including in the areas of mentorship, leadership, and commitment to diversity in journalism.

The winner will be announced at the Courage in Journalism Award ceremonies in New York and Washington, DC.

“I was drawn to journalism because of the need to be the necessary voice – not to force my opinions on others but to broaden the stage for the debate.” — Gwen Ifill

"When practicing the craft of journalism, make sure you are taking someone else in the room with you. Taking their stories, taking their perspective, particularly those you don't understand or agree with. When and where we enter, we bring courage with us, and we bring Gwen with us.'
Michele Norris 2017 Gwen Ifill Awardee