• Day 2

    [View the story “IWMF Fellowship in Eastern DR Congo – Day 2” on Storify]

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  • Congo-thn

    Day 1

    [View the story “IWMF Fellowship in Eastern DR Congo – Day 1” on Storify]

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  • Frances-thn

    Maeve Frances

    Maeve Frances is an independent radio reporter and producer based in Istanbul, Turkey. She has spent the past five years living in the Middle East and Asia and enjoys producing sound-rich audio features and documentaries for public radio stations based in Australia, Europe and the United States. Maeve received her bachelors degree from the University …

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  • Photo credit: Rebecca Hale, National Geographic

    Nina Strochlic

    Nina Strochlic is a staff writer for National Geographic magazine covering adventure, travel, and culture. Previously, she wrote for The Daily Beast. She has been published in Newsweek, Vice, Marie Claire and National Geographic Traveler. Follow her on Twitter: @ninastrochlic  

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  • Honan-thn

    Edith Honan

    Edith Honan is a correspondent for Reuters in New York City. She has reported on American politics, gun violence and civil rights. Prior to joining Reuters, she covered the United Nations for UPI.   Follow her on Twitter: @edithhonan  

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  • Jaques-thn

    Monique Jaques

    Monique Jaques is a photojournalist based in Istanbul, Turkey. She has spent the past four years focused on documenting issues in the Middle East as well as Afghanistan and India. Recently her project ‘Growing Up on The Gaza Strip’ was shortlisted for the 2013 Photocrati Grant, and she was listed on the ’30 Under 30 …

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  • McCluskey-thn

    Molly McCluskey

    Molly McCluskey is an independent journalist covering foreign affairs, finance and travel, for a variety of national and international publications. Her work has appeared in Al Jazeera English, National Geographic, The Washington Post, Washington Diplomat, and a variety of others. She was one of twenty journalists worldwide selected to help launch the new journalism platform, …

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  • Beals-thn

    Emma Beals

    Emma Beals is a New Zealand / British freelance journalist, based in southern Turkey. She has an interest in conflict and social issues and has most recently been concerned with reporting on Syria for a variety of television, newspaper and online publications. Emma has a background in radio broadcasting in her native New Zealand. Follow …

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  • CongoIDPcamp-thn

    Impressions: Day 11

    Day 11 was the last day of the first IWMF-led reporting trip to Eastern DR Congo. The group finished up their reporting activities and most of them headed back to Kigali, Rwanda, to fly out while Elaisha Stokes and Nastasya Tay stayed in Goma to finish up their reporting.

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  • CongoBoat-thn

    Impressions: Day 9 / 10

    After spending the majority of day 9 in Virunga National Park, the fellows headed back to Goma to spend day 10 in smaller teams, exploring UN DDRRR’s efforts to disarm, demobilize, repatriate, reintegrate and resettle foreign armed groups, visiting the island of Idjwi in Lake Kivu and meeting with local women journalists.

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