The press cannot be truly free without a diversity of voices.

Trust Their Byline

Women and nonbinary people remain seriously marginalized in all areas of the global news media: they are underrepresented in newsroom leadership, gender equity stories are going untold, and men remain the vast majority of quoted experts and stories. Meanwhile, distrust in the media is on the rise – bringing with it an increase in gendered attacks against journalists online and off. 

Starting Monday, May 3, join us to remind audiences to Trust Their Byline. Together, let’s bring diversity to their newsfeeds and show them that journalists are people, too.

It’s easy to participate. Take these two simple actions!
  1. #CheckYourBylines: The next time you read the news, take a look at how many articles are written by women. Use the hashtag to let us know who’s producing your news!
  2. Spread the word online: Click on the tweets below to share why women’s voices are critical to a free press.

Twitter SymbolI’m joining the @IWMF to show that the proof is in the byline – and without women and non-binary journalists’ voices, you aren’t getting the whole story. Trust their bylines – throughout May, #CheckYourBylines to know who determines your news.

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The journalists you support determine the news you get. So, whose bylines are you reading? Join me and the @IWMF this month to #CheckYourBylines and diversify your newsfeed.


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