Coalition Against Online Violence

Online violence toward journalists is on the rise. The IWMF is here to help.

Journalists face harassment and attacks online every day. Trolls often work together to amplify their attacks, yet journalists are almost always left to their own devices when they are targeted. It’s time that those on the receiving end of online attacks have access to networks that will support them.

The journalism industry has recognized the need to ensure reporters’ physical safety, the same sense of urgency and support is needed to address online attacks, particularly for women identifying journalists and journalists of color.

That’s where the International Women’s Media Foundation comes in.

Funded by Craig Newmark Philanthropies, the IWMF is building a coalition of organizations offering journalists collective support, bolstering their digital security and empowering the news media at large to keep their employees safer online. 

Facing online attacks? Get help now!

  • If you are a journalist experiencing online attacks, the IWMF will connect you to an expert from our coalition for one-on-one digital safety consultations. Request a consultation here.
  • Dealing with trolls? Take our new online course, Know Your Trolls, to better understand common types of trolls and their tactics, and how to fight back. It’s available in English, Spanish and French (additional versions to come).
  • Does your newsroom need help tackling online attacks? The IWMF and our partners offer free customized training workshops for U.S. newsrooms (for journalists of any gender.) Email to request newsroom training.
  • You don’t need to wait until you or your staff are targeted. Act now to implement protective measures. The IWMF and our partners can offer free customized training to help you minimize your risks. Email to request support.

The below organizations have joined forces to combat the online abuse of journalists. Want to join the coalition and help end online attacks against journalists? Email us for details at