Gladness Geofrey Mbisse

Gladness Geofrey Mbisse is a Tanzanian independent photographer and journalist with two years of field experience. As a degree holder of a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, she has been working with online and print media outlets, where she gained much experience in the journalism industry. In addition to being selected as one of the IWMF's fellows for the In-Country Training Fellowship in Tanzania from 2017-2018, Mbisse has attended different sessions and media and communication trainings under Tanzania Media Foundation (TMF) concerning developing new story ideas on media statistics and data presentation . Currently, she works as a content creator, blogger, and photojournalist with First Pride Service Limited, where she focuses on Education, Health, Environment, and Fashion Journalism. She has worked in Tanzania and is ready to grab any opportunity to see and report from other places around the world.

Reporting Locations