Vicky Alex

Vicky Alex is a South Sudanese broadcast journalist, working with the state Government station as a TV and radio news reporter. South Sudan's independence was preceded by two civil wars, from 1955 to 1972 and from 1983 to 2005, in which 2.5 million people were killed and more than 5 million externally displaced, and also in 2013 . With the country's civil wars, she became deeply concerned with the issues and suffering that civilians have and are currently undergoing, especially since the conflict has destroyed the country's social, political, and economical development. She constructs a talk show program called Kalam Buyut, or the 'House Talks,' where she brings up issues of togetherness, unity, street children, girl's education, and forgiveness. She also reports on the community’s reprisal and highway attacks, among others. She is an IWMF African Great Lakes In-Country Programming Fellow in South Sudan.

Reporting Locations