Acayo Nancy Cirino Oyiki

Acayo Nancy Cirino is a South Sudanese based journalist who covers stories on reproductive health, youth and entrepreneurship. She is also a digital security trainer. Nancy joined the media in 2014 and since then she has been a reporter and a news anchor at Equator Broadcasting Corporation, a state-owned television and radio station. Nancy reported on issues of the internally displaced persons in one of the states in the country where there feed on mud and walk 18 km to get medication. Nancy reported on the issues concerning the wounded young soldiers who will forever live depending on medical support. In 2016, Nancy was selected to be one of the Young African Leaders Initiative under civic leadership due to the work she was doing at the broadcasting station. In 2017, she was trained by the International Women’s Media Foundation as a trainer for the Great Lakes region, specifically for South Sudan, and later she coordinated a year-long training of twenty journalists from different parts of South Sudan, which ended in 2018. In 2018, Nancy was selected by defend defenders for Human Rights under the Safe Sisters digital safety for women in sub Saharan Africa as a digital safety trainer. Nancy loves to mentor young girls in and outside school to help them be of impact in the future.

Reporting Locations