Ada Petriczko

Freelance Journalist

Ada Petriczko is a freelance journalist from Poland, reporting on global social issues, gender and culture. As a regular contributor to the country’s major newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza", Ada specializes in long narrative features and interviews. Despite a broad range of interests – she interviewed state leaders and Pulitzer Prize-winning authors; she covered social crises and film festivals - a common thread through her stories are women. For the iconic feminist magazine “Wysokie Obcasy”, Ada explores the diverse experiences of womanhood worldwide. In 2017, she was one of the founding editors of "NewsMavens" – the first European newsroom run entirely by women, to counter the underrepresentation of female journalists in the media industry. For the past two years, she travelled extensively, reporting from India and South America. Graduated from Goldsmiths College in London, the University of Warsaw and the Polish School of Reportage. Fellow of the Reporters in the Field grant programme. Nominated for “best feature writing” at a national journalistic competition “Wrażliwy”. Website:

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