Aditi Mayer

Freelance Photojournalist aditimayer @AditiMayer

Aditi Mayer is a Los Angeles based freelance photojournalist whose work explores the intersections of sustainability and social politics. She is a graduate of UC Irvine’s Literary Journalism and International Studies program. Her work explores themes of labor and identity, from undocumented garment workers in LA sweatshops, to a matriarchal farming community in rural Nepal. She is known for founding InSight Magazine during her time at UC Irvine, a student-led publication exploring poverty and inequality in Southern California. Mayer served on the board of the Asian American Journalist Association after receiving multiple awards for her work from organizations including the Asian American Journalist Association, South Asian Journalist Association, Barnes and Noble, Adobe, UCLA, and more. She has also participated in NPR’s NextGeneration Radio program. Currently, Aditi is pursuing a long-term body of work about the lives of undocumented garment workers in Los Angeles with support from the California Reporting Scholarship. She is also working on her first feature length documentary.