Aimable Twahirwa

Aimable Twahirwa is an award-winning science journalist, media trainer and editor based in Kigali, Rwanda. A journalist for more than 22 years, he has been covering science in Rwanda and Africa in general with a special focus on Health development and innovations in the Great Lakes and the East African region and he has published in-depth stories for local, regional and international media organizations. He is also a frequent speaker on Science-related issue and mentor for the Solutions Journalism Network (SJN) with a special focus on Health where he worked with Nigeria Health Watch, one of the powerful voices for healthcare development in Africa and Science Africa magazine. He has been serving as a mentor and moderator of Global Health Crisis Reporting Forum, launched in partnership with the International Center for Journalists - ICFJ’s International Journalists’ Network (IJNet). A graduated in Science Journalism, Twahirwa has traveled expensively in various African countries as a keynote speaker on various conferences focusing on health research and climate change in Mali, Nigeria and Ghana while working with prominent research organisations based in Africa. He was hired as a media trainer and assistant in the coordination of several training targeting various actors in the field of Climate Change through the Africa Adaptation Programme that was launched in 2008 by the United Nations Development Programme in partnership with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the World Food Programme (WFP). He was also hired as a mentor and media coordinator on various occasions during major events organized by the African development bank (AfDB), the Central African Forest Commission (COMIFAC). Most of his recent feature articles have been published by The Nature, Inter Press Service (IPS) News Agency and AllAfrica. He has also published feature articles for the Bulletin of the World Health Organization (WHO) He is mostly interested in public health and climate change and how the science of each field intersects with public policy.

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