Aisha Umukobwa


Aisha UMUKOBWA is a Rwandan female journalist who graduated from the National University of Rwanda School of Journalism and Communications in 2010. At the time, many women preferred to choose a career in communications instead of journalism, since journalism was seen as an industry dominated by and for men. Aisha wanted to challenge that prejudgment and decide to enter the faculty of journalism as one of a class of 12 students and hold a bachelor’s degree with distinction. Since then, she came out with the sprit and confidence of showing up, that a career doesn’t have a sex, and that gender is everybody’s responsibility. Aisha is a news reporter who focuses on gender issues. In her spare time, Aisha likes sharing experiences with colleagues for capacity building, traveling, and making new friends. Aisha is a fellow with the IWMF's In-Country Training Reporting Fellowship in Rwanda, where a group of talented journalists undergo a year of training, learning important principles of journalism and putting them into practice through reporting projects.