Ana Ionova

anaionova @ana_ionova

Ana Ionova is a freelance multimedia journalist with a focus on Latin America. She has a special interest in human rights, migration and the environment. Previously, she spent nearly four years as a correspondent at Reuters in London, where she extensively reported on deforestation and child labor in commodity supply chains. In 2018, her work earned her a spot amid a list of UK influencers reporting on modern slavery. She has also reported in the Balkans and the Middle East, where her work explored the experiences of Syrian refugees and the impact of displacement on women. Her reporting has been published by Reuters, The New York Times, Al Jazeera, Foreign Policy and others. Ana is a graduate of the Columbia Journalism School in New York City and Ryerson University in Toronto. She has specialized training in investigative reporting and photojournalism. Ana Ionova is a 2019 Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice in the Americas grantees. Her work fill explore evolving abortion rights in Argentina.