Ana Ionova

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Ana Ionova is a freelance multimedia journalist based in Brazil, with a focus on human rights, migration and the environment. She has extensively reported on deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon and, in 2019, she was a Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice in the Americas grantee, reporting on abortion rights in northern Argentina. Previously, she spent nearly four years as a correspondent at Reuters in London and her work on human rights abuses in commodity supply chains earned her a spot on a list of UK influencers reporting on modern slavery. She has also reported in the Balkans and the Middle East, where her work explored the experiences of Syrian refugees and the impact of displacement on women. Her reporting has been published by Reuters, The New York Times, Al Jazeera, Foreign Policy, The Christian Science Monitor, The New Internationalist and others. Ana is a graduate of the Columbia Journalism School in New York City and Ryerson University in Toronto. She has specialized training in investigative reporting and photojournalism.



| Ana Ionova

Rio Doce: mais um ano se inicia sem suas águas recuperadas

Em 5 de novembro de 2015, a barragem de rejeitos de mineração Fundão rompe, derramando 50 milhões de toneladas de lama e resíduos tóxicos no Rio Doce, matando 19 pessoas, contaminando plantações, devastando a vida…

| Ana Ionova

Deadly anniversary: Rio Doce, Brazil’s worst environmental disaster, 5 years on

On November 5, 2015, the Fundão iron mine tailings dam failed, pouring 50 million tons of mud and toxic waste into Brazil’s Rio Doce, killing 19 people, polluting the river, contaminating croplands, devastating fish and…

| Ana Ionova

Brazil dam disaster: Five years on, are new laws enough?

PARACATU DE BAIXO, BRAZIL Afew crumbling walls – stained a deep, muddy red – are all that remain of what Marta de Jesus Arcanjo Peixoto once called home. As the forest edges closer, dense vegetation…

| Ana Ionova

Young Voters Care About Abortion Policy. Argentine Politicians Are Ignoring Them.

The youth vote is becoming increasingly important in Argentina, but the leading presidential candidates are deliberately avoiding the issue that matters most to them. Activists with green handkerchiefs, which symbolizes the abortion rights movement, demonstrate…

| Ana Ionova

In Argentina, ‘pro-life’ doctors are a growing force against abortion

As the pro-choice movement edges towards legalization, doctors from the opposing camp are objecting on ‘grounds of conscience’. Ana Ionova reports from the northern province of Salta. Monica Menini, a feminist and lawyer involved in the…