Ana P. Santos

Ana P. Santos is an independent journalist who reports on gender issues with a focus on sexual reproductive health rights, sexual violence and labor migration. She is the 2014 Pulitzer Center Miel Fellow and through numerous reporting grants from the Pulitzer Center has reported on labor migration in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, France and Denmark. In Indonesia, she examined the transitioning role of women in terrorism, from bride to bomber. Ana's work delves into culturally taboo topics such as sexual reproductive health in a way that engages critical thought and dialogue in her conservative Catholic country of the Philippines. Her stories bridge the gap between vulnerable Filipino women and legislators who draft policies that affect their right to work, their right to decide about their body, and their right to own their future. She writes investigative long-form stories for Rappler, and is the correspondent for DW Germany covering the Philippines. Her work has been published in the Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, the Washington Post, Vox News, Al Jazeera and The Atlantic.

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