Anita Pouchard Serra

Freelance Photojournalist @anitapouchardserra @OjosdeAnita

Anita Pouchard Serra is a 'French-Argentinized' photojournalist and visual storyteller based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and working in Latin America. Her work revolves around questions and territories that cross her personally, connected with current societal issues like identity, migration, women's rights and territory with a transdisciplinary approach. She is a Pulitzer Center grantee (2020), a WE WOMEN grantee by United Photo Industries and Women Photograph (2019-2020), and a MOVING WALLS fellow by Open Society Foundations (2018-2020). In 2017, thanks to the ADELANTE fellowship, she started the collective project about Salvadoran migration to the US “Welcome to Intipucá City” with two other fellows. Her work has been published in The New York Times Lens Blog, Bloomberg, Washington Post, Le Monde, Amnesty, Days Japan, Wired, and Geo Magazine among others. She exhibited her work in Argentina, France, Uruguay, Mexico, Spain and USA. She is a visual storytelling teacher and has given community engagement workshops since 2014.

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| Anita Pouchard Serra

The Turning Point: From Evangelical to Feminist First Responder

1968 resonates in the collective memory as an evocation of the airs of freedom and rebellion that swept through several countries, from the Prague Spring to the French May. It was a spirit of change…

| Anita Pouchard Serra

De evangélica a feminista socorrista

1968 resuena en la memoria colectiva como evocación de los aires de libertad y rebelión que batieron en varios países, de la Primavera de Praga al Mayo Francés. Era un espíritu de cambio lejano del…

| Koral Carballo, Anita Pouchard Serra

Anita Pouchard Serra, photojournalist: Where Central American migrants start their northward journey

 It seems to have been another one of those cases where President Donald Trump’s line officers countermanded his orders in the name of sanity or humanity.  The president, angry about the flood of migrants…

| Koral Carballo, Anita Pouchard Serra

Images of an El Salvador Town Transformed by Migration

  Tia Maria, a famous Salvadoran YouTube personality, with the Ambassadors, a group in the United States made up of people from Intipucá, El Salvador, who help fund projects back home. Three journalists present a…

| Koral Carballo, Anita Pouchard Serra

Welcome to Intipucá City

Interior de una casa de Intipucá, que mezcla símbolos culturales locales y de Estados Unidos. En octubre de 2017 las fotógrafas Koral Carballo, de México, y Anita Pouchard Serra, francoargentina, estuvieron en un pequeño pueblo…