Bhavya Dore

Bhavya Dore is a Mumbai-based freelance journalist. Her work has appeared in the BBC, The Guardian, Undark, Caravan, Narratively and other international publications. Dore received a degree in English Literature and two master’s degrees in Sociology and Developmental Studies before pursuing a career in journalism, beginning her work at a national newspaper in Mumbai and then moving to freelance reporting. Her previous coverage has focused on juvenile crime, the legal system and education.

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Cost of living: ‘How to manage?’ laments Sri Lankan market vendor

This story is part of a series of portraits exploring how the cost-of-living crisis is affecting people around the world. Colombo, Sri Lanka – Mohamed Rajabdeen’s four-wheel yellow mini-truck, known locally as a tempo, is…

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Between Patience and Panic in Fuel-Starved Sri Lanka

The van driver asks me to sit in the front seat beside him as we head towards a petrol station. “Put on your sunglasses,” he instructs. “You need to act like a tourist.” Once my…

| Bhavya Dore

The Sri Lankan Great-Grandmother Who Comes to Protest Every Day

Colombo: Facing up to a sea of blue-uniformed security forces, in their helmets and bullet-proof jackets, a frail, white-haired woman stands undeterred. Jean Primrose Nathanielsz, or “Aunty Jean” as she is fondly known in the movement,…

| Bhavya Dore

For ordinary Sri Lankans every day is a battle

With food costs rising and no fresh supplies of petrol coming in, Sri Lanka continues to be in a debilitating economic crisis since earlier this year. COLOMBO – It’s more than 30 degrees Celsius in Lunuwila,…

| Bhavya Dore

‘Start of the Marathon’: Sri Lanka Protestors Glum but Undeterred After Ranil’s Election

Colombo: Gloom and frustration hit Colombo’s protestors on Wednesday, shortly after the Sri Lankan Parliament voted Ranil Wickremesinghe as the next president. But they vowed to keep up their movement. The #GoGotaGo campaign, which ousted former…

| Bhavya Dore

Sri Lanka’s Presidential Secretariat Is Now a Buzzing Library Overseen by Protestors

Colombo: At the community library in Colombo’s Presidential Secretariat, the titles seem to be trolling the leadership. Great Expectations, Behind Palace Doors, Under Siege, Backlash: these are among the books housed in the front room of the historic building occupied…

| Bhavya Dore

Ahead of Presidential Election, Sri Lankan Protestors Cautious About Declaring Win

Colombo: As Colombo’s protestors crossed 100 days of a sustained campaign against the country’s leaders, there were muted celebrations and a guarded sense of achievement. Cakes were cut and the Aragalaya movement, which has been behind…

| Bhavya Dore

The Sri Lankan taxi driver reuniting adoptees with their families

Listen to this story: Sri Lanka – In 1996, 14-year-old Dewi Chandrika Bruins travelled with her family to Sri Lanka, where in an airy school room in the town of Avissawella she met a thin, shy…