Bingo Theresa Augustino

Bingo Theresa Augustino is a South Sudanese Journalist working for Radio Anisa under the Catholic Diocese of Tambura-Yambio in South Sudan covering issues relating to family planning, HIV/AIDS awareness, peace building, reconciliation and forgiveness among local communities that includes youths and internally displaced persons. The quiet beauty in everyday life guides her work, documentaries, interviews and the stories she covers. In 2016, she covered stories on the rights of wives to inherit deceased husbands' properties, human rights defenders, and civil societies' roles and advantages in educating civilians on their rights. She works for a community Radio to broadcast programs effecting communities in the area. She has recognized for her work through the Bishop’s Awards for Excellence early in 2018. Bingo completed a Diploma in Business Administration in Faculty Banking and Finance and she is working as an accountant and a practicing journalist as a news anchor and reporter. Bingo Theresa started working in the Radio in 2013 and she is part of International Women's Media Foundation's In-Country Training Fellowship in South Sudan.

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