Claude Ganza Munyamagana


Claude Ganza MUNYAMAGANA, currently works for Voice of America (VOA) as a freelance reporter. He is primarily assigned in the Western parts of Rwanda and North Kivu areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo for VOA. Claude is a responsible and committed journalist who a proven history of writing objective, instructive and attention-grabbing stories that give all involved parties an opportunity to have their say. He is a quick learner who can soak up new ideas and can communicate clearly and effectively; and has tremendous bonding skills and an enquiring mind that helps him build up the confidence and trust of people. He is versatile and gifted with an aptitude of building strong working relationships with fellow reporters, news editors, and other relevant sources with an exceptional sense of follow-up. Claude is able to write interesting articles for targeted niche audiences on a range of topics including; education, politics, gender, employment, health and fitness, among others. He is accustomed to dealing with tight rolling deadlines, and has the knowledge and ability to quickly collect and analyze information on any breaking news stories. Claude is a fellow with the IWMF's In-Country Training Reporting Fellowship in Rwanda, where a group of talented journalists undergo a year of training, learning important principles of journalism and putting them into practice through reporting projects.

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