Débora Silva

Freelance Video and Photojournalist @DeboraReporter

Débora Silva is a Brazilian video and photojournalist based in California. She has produced television content in Brazil, Mexico, Mozambique and in the United States and has collaborated with several news networks, including KQED, Fusion, Univision and PBS. Silva is passionate about women's issues and topics related to Latin America, which is reflected in her work. She is a graduate of the U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

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Débora Silva es una periodista de foto y video basada en California. Ella ha producido para cadenas de televisión en Brasil, México, Mozambique y los Estados Unidos y ha colaborado para varias cadenas noticieras incluyendo KQED, Fusion, Univisión y PBS. Débora se especializa en temas sobre mujeres y América Latina, que están reflejados en su trabajo. Ella es egresada de U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

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| Jean Friedman Rudovsky, Débora Silva

The Invisible Army of Women Fighting Sexual Violence in Colombia

In a country where gender-based violence has become normalized and the government hasn’t done nearly enough to help, women are stepping up to support each other. Isabel* first started walking with her head down to…

| Débora Silva

Luta deve continuar sem armas’, diz ex-guerrilheira que foi perseguida pelas Farc

O acordo de paz para encerrar a guerra de mais de 50 anos na Colômbia – sobre o qual os colombianos vão às urnas neste domingo – parecia algo impensável para Sandra Sandoval. A ex-guerrilheira…

| Débora Silva

From Combatant to Civilian Life: Women of the FARC

After more than 50 years of bitter civil war, the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), signed a historic peace agreement on Monday. This act paves the way for peace in…

| Débora Silva

I covered violence against women in Colombia, and now I’m trying to help them

This essay is one of 35 selected by a panel of judges for ” Ambitions Interrupted,” a series from The GroundTruth Project and YouthVoices, its storytelling platform. Dream Job: Documentary filmmaker and social entrepeneur City,…

| Débora Silva

She once sewed paramilitary uniforms and is now in business for herself

Ederlidia Gariza was working as a seamstress in Apartado, a rural town in northeastern Colombia, when a paramilitary group came calling. Carlos Castaño, former leader of the now extinct paramilitary organization called the United Self-Defense…