DeLovie Kwagala

@deloviephotography @DeLoviePhotos

DeLovie Kwagala is a Ugandan non-binary queer self-taught photographer, artist and social activist currently living and studying at the Market Photo Workshop School in Johannesburg, South Africa. A CAP Prize 2021 shortlist, DeLovie is deeply passionate about telling African stories with the dignity they deserve. Their work focuses on identity, belonging, social injustices and gender sexuality. It is a celebration of queer freedom and bringing attention to marginalized groups without victimizing or fetishizing them. DeLovie aspires for their images to evoke deeper feelings of relatability, a sense of learning and unlearning what we thought we knew beyond the obvious visual. They want to provoke intense emotions of questioning, defy the stereotypical narrative that’s embedded in our minds especially about beauty, gender identity to patriarchy that have infested our humanism.

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