Denyse Kanzayire


Denyse KANZAYIRE is journalist with a solid background in media relations. From 2007 to 2009, she was a news reporter and program producer at Radio Salus. Denyse has experience working in a multicultural settings and she understands cultural dynamics and their implications on socioeconomic and human development. In 2010, Denyse spent four months in Germany during an internship at Radio Deutsche Welle in their French department. This enabled her to produce professional radio stories such as news, sports, and other additional coverage for thr magazine and various radio programs. Since 2010 up until now, she works on media relations at Rwanda's Media High Council, a public institution responsible for media capacity-building in Rwanda. She produces stories, while she also organizes and facilitates media trainings. Having been in the media sector for over ten years, she is able to identify the needed content and context for various audiences. Denyse is a fellow with the IWMF's In-Country Training Reporting Fellowship in Rwanda, where a group of talented journalists undergo a year of training, learning important principles of journalism and putting them into practice through reporting projects.

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