Douce Namwezi N’Ibamba

Independent Journalist @NamweziDouce

Douce Namwezi N'Ibamba is a multimedia journalist and founder of Uwezo Afrika Initiative (, a non profit initiative promoting women's empowerment through journalism, job training and social entrepreneurship. Douce started producing radio at the age of 16 when she joined the Women Media Association (AFEM) in the Democratic Republic of Congo. At that time the Congo was at war, and Douce reported stories on former child soldiers, and mass crimes of rape. After 10 years with AFEM, she was promoted to coordinator. Douce used this high profile position to co-found MAMA RADIO, the first women's radio station in Congo devoted entirely to promotion of gender equality. Douce's work has been recognized with awards from the "100 jeunes pages d'espoir" (in partenership with UNESCO), The IWMF's Afircan Great Lakes Initiative, The Center for Non-violence and Peace Studies at the University of Rhode Island and UN Women. She currently lives in Bukavu in the Democatic Republic of Congo with her husband and two children.

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