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Douce NAMWEZI N’IBAMBA, 29, is an independent journalist who leads the HELIOS CONGO INITIATIVE, which aims to promote women's empowerment by using new technology of communication. She spent 10 years at the Women Media Association (AFEM) in DRC, where she worked as a reporter, the program manager and the coordinator up until December 2018. At just 16 years old, she began talking on a local radio station, addressing youth issues such as ‘child soldiers’ or children called ‘wizards’. Three years later, she joined AFEM where she worked as a radio producer, then the program manager and actually the coordinator. With her colleagues, Douce founded MAMA RADIO, the first thematic and community radio station in DRC, that focuses on gender equality. Douce is also a trainer on journalism, gender, women's leadership. She has been awarded for her work; in 2018, she received the award of honor for giving the best space of expression to women and other community members through the Mama Radio communication tool. In 2016, she received the Courageous Action Award 2016, from the Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies of the University of Rhode Island; and in 2012, she was awarded for a superior written and oral presentation on "New Strategies for Empowering Women" by UN WOMEN and the organizing committee of the World Congress of Global Partnership for Young Women in Seoul, South Korea. Her publications can be found on and Follow her on twitter @NamweziDouce or on Facebook at NAMWEZI Douce N’IBAMBA and on skype at douce.namwezi2. Along with Solange Lusiku, Namwezi was one of the IWMF's trainers for its In-Country African Great Lakes Reporting Initiative, where trainers equipped journalists with the skills to produce high-quality journalism. Contact her at

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