Eileen Guo

Freelance Print Journalist @eileenguo

Eileen Guo is a Los Angeles-based magazine journalist and audio producer that covers the unintended consequences of globalization. She has reported from Afghanistan, China, Mexico, Guatemala, and across both rural and urban United States on topics including elections fraud, the national security implications of mistranslation, cross-border fake news, and smuggling networks for publications like National Geographic, New York Times online, Wired, Playboy, NPR, Entrepreneur magazine, South China Morning Post, and Columbia Journalism Review, among others. Before journalism, Eileen spent two and a half years in Kabul, Afghanistan, where she founded Impassion Afghanistan, the country's first digital media agency, and Paiwandgah, Afghanistan's largest citizen journalism platform. Later, she served as the launch editor of Innovations Online for the MIT Press Innovations Journal. For her work in Afghanistan, she was appointed to the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on Social Media, and was named one of 33 Foreign Policy Leaders Under 33 by Diplomatic Courier magazine. Eileen speaks and reports in Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and limited Persian.

Reporting Locations


| Eileen Guo

Luis Marroquín – Faces of Assassination

On the morning of 9 May 2018, in the marigold-yellow central plaza of San Luis Jilotepeque, human-rights defender and community organizer Luis Arturo Marroquín stepped off a bus and entered a small store. He was scheduled…

| Eileen Guo

La lucha para proteger el producto silvestre más traficado del mundo

La demanda china del rosul —traficado más que el marfil, el cuerno de rinoceronte y el pangolín— está avivando una crisis en los bosques de Guatemala. El rosul, duradero y fragante, utilizado para fabricar muebles…

| Eileen Guo

The fight to protect the world’s most trafficked wild commodity

Durable, fragrant rosewood, used to make furniture and musical instruments, is the world’s most trafficked wild product by value and volume.   PHOTOGRAPH BY CARLOS DUARTE   LIVINGSTON, GUATEMALA Jose Baudillo leans over a thin…

| Eileen Guo

How did Tijuana become Mexico’s go-to foodie city?

Drug wars weren’t the only thing to take their toll on the border town of Tijuana, but next-generation entrepreneurs who left are now returning to create Mexico’s new foodie mecca. “Seriously, where are the fish…

| Eileen Guo, Alexia Webster

The Border Commuters

On the Mexican side of San Ysidro Port of Entry on the border of California, traffic starts backing up long before the sun rises. Commuters shift their gears into park; lower their seatbacks for pre-dawn…