Elizabeth BanyiTabi


Elizabeth BanyiTabi is the Douala City reporter for The Guardian Post Newspaper, Cameroon's most read English daily. My work with them over the years consists dominantly on news gathering and writing of news articles on varied angles. But my interest has been glued to writing under reported stories link to gender, health and human rights. My work so far, has earned two awards and recognitions. (Award recognition for print media by Cameroon Association of English speaking Journalists CAMASEJ Douala in 2021 and The Elah Geoffrey Prize for best female print reporter by The Victoria international media merit awards 2022.) Before joining The Guardian Post, I have short internships with Local Douala-based Community radio, Radio Casmando and served as a website content creator for AVICOMM- African Visions Communications. Besides i had volunteered with the Presbyterian HIV/AIDS Department as a peer Educator on Sexual Health and hygiene and prevention of HIV/AIDS, STIs amongst teens. Elizabeth holds a Double Major Bsc degree in Women's Studies and Journalism and Mass Communication and a post Graduate Diploma in Political Science. She has had on the job trainings through Seminars on "Mainstreaming gender in Conflict reporting, Human rights reporting, Mainstreaming Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in media reporting, Journalist's role when reporting on Minors, Fact checking and Citizens Journalism, reporting on electricity and Economic reporting."

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