Elizabeth Conley

Staff Photographer @egconley

Elizabeth G. Conley is a staff photographer with the Houston Chronicle based in Houston, Texas in the United States. Along with creating images to supplement stories in the daily publication, Ms. Conley also specializes in long-term multimedia projects, often focusing on environmental and manufacturing themes. Prior to moving to Houston, Ms. Conley worked in Detroit, Michigan for The Detroit News. Ms. Conley has been a 2016 Institute for Journalism & Natural Resources Fellow and a 2009 Kiplinger Fellow of Public Policy and Multimedia. She has received many honors and recognitions for her work including 2014 APME Multimedia Journalist of the Year, 2011 Gerald Loeb Finalist for Multimedia Story, 2010 MPPA Photographer of the Year, 2010 MPPA HM Multimedia Photographer of the Year, 2009 Editor & Publisher's Photos of the Year 1st Place Multimedia.

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