Elizabeth Melimopoulos


Elizabeth Melimopoulos is a digital producer at Al Jazeera English, based in Doha, Qatar. She works closely with the editorial team, and commissions content that complements and enriches Al Jazeera’s coverage. She is interested in Latin America and has recently been following the developments in Venezuela. She has published a variety of pieces tackling the current crisis. Two years ago, she was the content manager of Al Jazeera’s Digital Magazine, during that time she worked closely with renowned writers, photographers, and designers. While part of the editorial team, she also helped with the logistics that made the magazine a feasible product. She was also in charge of managing the magazine’s social media strategy. Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of International Affairs from Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico City. She has also obtained a Certificate in International Affairs, issued by the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

Reporting Locations


| Ali Rae, Elizabeth Melimopoulos

Digging up the dead in El Salvador to find the truth

As a forensic archaeologist, Israel Ticas has solved more than 500 homicide and missing persons cases. Editor’s note: This article contains graphic images.   San Salvador, Salvador – When Israel Ticas isn’t in the field, he is…

| Ali Rae, Elizabeth Melimopoulos

Saving the traditional midwife in Guatemala

https://www.iwmf.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Midwives-SMALL_1.mp4   For centuries midwives in rural Guatemala have played a key role in delivering babies despite the numerous challenges. Chiquirichapa, Guatemala- Antonina Sanchez Mendez vividly remembers the first time she delivered a baby. The only…

| Ali Rae, Elizabeth Melimopoulos

El Salvador woman jailed after stillbirth seeks freedom

San Salvador, El Salvador – Sitting in the concrete courtyard of Ilopango women’s prison in San Salvador, El Salvador, Teodora del Carmen Vasquez speaks slowly, with the tone of someone who has told her story…

| Ali Rae, Elizabeth Melimopoulos

Gender violence in Guatemala: ‘A woman’s struggle is everyone’s struggle’

Details of Mayan women’s hands. [Getty Images]Being a woman in Guatemala isn’t easy. The small central American country has one of the highest rates of femicide in the world, with at least two women murdered…

| Ali Rae, Elizabeth Melimopoulos

El Salvador’s coffin town

With murder rates skyrocketing in El Salvador, this tiny town has become the world’s coffin-making capital.

| Ali Rae, Elizabeth Melimopoulos

Jucuapa: The coffin-making town in El Salvador

Welcome to the small town where residents abandoned traditional industries to turn a profit in the funeral business. Jucuapa, El Salvador – Driving down the main street in El Salvador’s Jucuapa, it is easy for…

| Ali Rae, Elizabeth Melimopoulos

Why is community radio in Guatemala important?

Sumpango, Guatemala – Sitting in a courtyard, wearing an indigenous huipil dress, Amanda Chiquito glows as she talks about the challenges and successes of working with the community radio station in Sumpango Sacatepequez, Guatemala. “There…