Eloisa Veronica d’Orsi

Freelance Photojournalist @EloisadelHorti

Eloisa D’Orsi is a freelance photojournalist based between Barcelona, Spain and Milan, Italy, covering social issues related to human rights, and forced and voluntary migrations. She reported on the IDP's situation in Colombia and developed a long-term project on mobility and constraints within, and of the edges, of EU Schengen area. She has also covered the crisis in Ukraine and Crimea and the Israeli military operation 'Protective Edge’ in the Gaza Strip in 2014. More recently, she has worked on two reportages about sanitation in India and in the Democratic Republic of Congo, funded by an Innovation Development Reporting (IDR) Grant of the European Journalism Centre (EJC). She graduated from the University of Turin in visual anthropology. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, New York Magazine, El Pais, Die Zeit, Internazionale, Il Corriere della Sera, Mail and Guardian, Irin News, Geo, etc.

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